Danny Brown


Danny, a Louisville (KY) native, made Asheville his home in 2016. He began college at the University of Arkansas, where he was a member of the football program. Due to his continuing issues with addiction, he moved back home and transferred to the University of Louisville. He is still actively pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in communications.

After participating in multiple rehab programs, Danny has a real understanding of what the residents of Peace & Purpose are going through. After getting sober in early 2016, he moved to Asheville for his sobriety and his very supportive cousin. In Asheville, he grew to find a love for exploring the outdoors— especially waterfalls and swimming holes. After finding a program (12 steps) and a new way of life, which works for him, Danny approaches his job with readiness, supplying humor as well as showing he genuinely cares for the residents.

In his free time, Danny enjoys watching and playing sports, exploring Western Carolina, and most importantly spending time with his family and friends.