Dennis Teehan


Dennis was born and raised in Queens, NY, where he was introduced to alcohol and pot in the city parks in his early teens. By his mid twenties he was drinking every day and alcoholism became a way of life. These were turbulent years. His life had become unmanageable with DUIs, broken relationships, lost jobs, and more bar fights than he wishes to remember. 

His first introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous was at the age of 27. This was not by choice but was court ordered that he attend AA meetings. Not ready to stop drinking nor change his life, he left the program and continued on a path of destruction for another three years.

By the time he was 30, his life was falling apart and he felt defeated. He had reached bottom. He returned to AA looking for hope and a way to rebuild his life. This time he was ready. Both his mind and body were restored by working the 12 step program with the help of a sponsor—someone who had been there and understood. He was no longer alone in his struggle. Feeling a great deal of support from the group he knew he was on the way to recovery. Everything began to change one day at a time. He had found a serenity and a direction in life he had never thought possible. Dennis has lived free from alcohol for the past 37 years. Today he finds great satisfaction sharing his experience with others and supporting them as they begin to find peace and purpose in their lives.

When Dennis retired, he moved to North Carolina allowing him to follow his passion for hiking and the outdoors. In his spare time he hikes the mountains of North Carolina and he has had the opportunity to travel to Ireland and Iceland. He also enjoys a fulfilling relationship with his four grown children and three grandchildren, and he continues to live a life of gratefulness and contentment.

You can live a life of hope and freedom if you are willing to make the effort…