Duncan Reuning


Duncan was born and raised in Tampa, FL but, at age 17, moved to Western NC, where he has felt more at home in the mountains than he ever did at the beach. Duncan struggled with addiction and depression for at least a decade, starting before age 16, achieving sobriety for months at a time, but always relapsing. Finally, after several lengthy stints in rehab, two shaky attempts at college and multiple relationship disasters, Duncan got clean and sober in 2014, though at the time he had no reason to trust that his sobriety would hold. So far, it has. Through personal experience he found that almost anyone can get clean while in treatment; it's the transition back to the real world that holds the key to staying clean—and even then, it's a process, not a magic formula. Part of Duncan's process has been his focus on physical fitness, clean nutrition, the great outdoors and helping others with their sobriety. Prior to joining Steps to Peace & Purpose, he worked for over three years as a senior field guide at one of the area's top wilderness rehabs. Now, as House Manager, Duncan's goal is to provide an environment of empathy and compassion combined with boundaries and structure; a framework that gives clients room to grow, to make mistakes, even to fail, and then to grow some more. 

Duncan is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a member of the Asheville Running Collective, an avid yoga student, and is currently a CSAC-I and working towards his full CSAC (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor).