Nannette Radley


Nannette is both a certified substance abuse counselor and a peer support specialist, and has a B.A. in literature from George Mason University in Virginia. After college, she moved between L.A., D.C. and Chicago. She started her journey in recovery in Tampa, Fl., and in 2008, while volunteering with dogs in the Humane Society, realized how therapeutic animals are and how it helped her in her own recovery.

Nannette’s passion to help others find and maintain recovery continues to be a driving part of her life. Service work helps Nannette stay on the path to a healthy, peaceful, purpose-driven life.

At Steps to Peace & Purpose, Nannette incorporates both her life experience and professional credentials in bi-weekly group therapy meetings, facilitating a strong connection to 12-step recovery programs. An important part of her work involves individual case management, which closely charts her clients' progress.