Robin Miller


Robin understands how the disease of addiction can ravage the structure and balance of families after experiencing the treatment, recovery and relapse cycle of family members. She learned how to separate and rebuild her own life with skills learned at a treatment center’s family workshop in 2015, and has since embraced healthy methods  of coping, thinking, acting and moving forward in ways that enhance and enrich not only her own life but offer the best support for her loved ones’ recovery paths.

She currently divides her time between her home in Atlanta and her adopted home of Asheville. For the last three years, she has served as a family mentor and workshop speaker for several treatment/recovery centers in both cities. She is currently pursuing certification as a recovery coach specializing in helping the “flip side of the coin”…the codependency of the family members and close friends affected by the disease of addiction. She shares her experiences about her own journey and helps family members understand how they can break the destructive cycles and best support their loved ones in recovery while finding their own path back to a life filled with peace, serenity and, yes, happiness.

While understanding that family members are not responsible for the sobriety of those in recovery, she has found her purpose in carrying the message to family members that they can certainly increase their loved ones chances at long-term sobriety by focusing on their own recoveries from this family disease. She guides family members in understanding the disease process, to formulate and practice healthy boundaries, the difference between helping and enabling and finding better ways to communicate…skills that can heal families.

Robin knows how powerful family recovery can be. She’s seen it firsthand in her own family and is grateful for the opportunity to serve the families at Steps to Peace and Purpose. When not helping families, she enjoys spending time in the outdoors on longs hikes with her dog, exploring antique malls across the country and taking road trips with her sister.