Ronan's Story

Life springs from death, and from the flood waters of New Orleans, Ronan evacuated to Tampa, Fl. after Hurricane Katrina hit. Shortly after moving, began his journey in recovery. Life had taken on a whole new meaning. 

The altruism Ronan experienced during Katrina was happening in the lives of people in recovery in 12-step programs. He saw desperate people pick themselves up and live with peace and purpose, and wanted the same for himself more than anything.  

"Working with other alcoholics and addicts has been the highlight of my life. A big part of my recovery has been reaching out to those in need and becoming an active and responsible member of the awesome recovery community here in Asheville. I have been and continue to be an active member of AA, NA and CA. Service and volunteer work were a big part of my recovery and gave me a purpose-driven life, something about which I am extremely passionate."