Will Carpenter


Will began his journey in quiet Essex, Massachusetts, and traveled the country in search of adventure. After dropping out of college in Vermont, Will relocated to Colorado hoping for change—yet he still struggled to find a sense of purpose and connection. Through the wreckage of his life and relationships, and in active addiction, Will slowly came to the realization that everything must change if he was to have any hope of attaining happiness.

As a young man in his early years of recovery, he finds it easy to relate to the residents—sharing his experience in the hope that it may benefit those in need of guidance. A firm believer in the recovery mantra “move a muscle, change a thought,” Will specializes in sharing the active lifestyle: advocating for all manner of outdoor pursuits, preferably involving rock climbing. Will is convinced that recovery is much more than abstinence from mind altering substances, rather it is the adoption of a more meaningful and enjoyable way of life than the one lived before.

Will is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC-R) and is pursuing a degree in Human Services with a specialization in Substance Abuse Counseling. Will knows that the best way to keep the recovery he has is to give it away—sharing the connection and compassion that was so freely given to him.